Advantages of Moving to Seoul

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Seoul is a vibrant metropolis that has lots of amazing things to offer. You will never be bored in this city not to mention the fact that you will have lots of jobs possibilities due to the many companies that are located there. In case you are thinking of moving to a totally different country then we strongly recommend you this place. Here are the advantages of moving to Seoul that you must seriously take into account.


Making friends in this city will surely be extremely easy due to the fact that Seoul hosts a very large and friendly expat community that organizes quite often all types of events that are promoted via Facebook and English news outlets and blogs. Furthermore, there are also all sort of events around the city, some of them especially created for fun and socialization whereas other have different themes that can help you with your career. All in all, when it comes to the lifestyle of this metropolis, we can say that it has plenty to offer.


You will have plenty to do and to see here. Seoul is certainly not a boring city. It is full of restaurants of all types, bars, coffee shops, pubs, nightclubs, and more. Every weekend can be different given the fact that the possibilities are plenty and the whole nightlife atmosphere extremely vibrant. All in all, in this metropolis you will live incredible experiences, and if you decide to come alone then you must request the services of an escort There are many girls that work for escort agencies, whereas others work on their own. However, an escort can show you the city, spend time with you outdoors, and also give you pleasure.


In comparison with many other cities, this one has low crime rates. Guns are definitely illegal among civilians in South Korea, and most of all they are not easy to come on the ‘’black market’’. Furthermore, petty theft is also very rare, which means that you will be safe at all times, no matter the neighborhood you are living in. This is a very important aspect that you need to think about and take into consideration when choosing a new country to move in.

Work and Business

In terms of jobs, Seoul certainly has plenty of opportunities to offer. The English language is massive in this city and the schools are always looking for teachers, especially in August and February which are the prime hiring times in this area. As long as you speak English you have lots of chances to find a very good job in areas such as administration, IT, marketing, and more. Even if you decide to start a business here you will surely find very easy to do all the paper and also to earn money in a quite short period of time.

Cost of Living

Believe it or not, eating in Korean-style cuisine restaurants is even cheaper than cooking at home. This traditional cuisine is extremely diverse and you will surely find many dishes that will be to your liking. Another advantage is that the public transport here is also cheap, fast, clean, safe, and efficient. In case you decide to use a car, then you must know that the price of gas is quite high, and that’s why you better use the public transport.

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