Best Trading Companies in South Korea

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If you are looking for the best trading companies in South Korea then you are in the right place because in this article you will find all the information you need. Therefore, check them out and see if you find anything that meets your needs.

Haekeon Corporation

This company is in charge of importation and exportation of machines and tools, since 1985. It is also interested in the development of new profitable business worldwide by welcoming any type of inquiries. If you are interested in this type of services then you can confidently go for Haekeon Corporation.

Amkor Trade, Ltd.

Amkor Trade, Ltd. Facilitates trade between South Korea and the United States. However, the company doesn’t limit its services to only these countries. The efforts are focused on trading raw materials and skin care products. The primary location is in Seoul.

BS Medical

BS Medical is without a doubt one of the best trading companies in South Korea. It exports high-quality plastic surgery equipment all over the world. Due to the fact that it provides very good products, the sales have increased a lot over the past few years and BS Medical has become a very important part of South Korea’s economy.

J & J Auto Trading

If you are interested in the auto field in South Korea then we strongly recommend you one of the best auto trading companies in this country which is J & J Auto Trading. The company offers to purchase not only genuine but non-genuine spare parts for all Korean cars, such as KIA, Hyundai, and Ssangyong. The advantage is that J & J is able to supply in any part of the world and it offers extremely attractive prices. The primary location is in Seoul and there is also another location in Russia.

P & L Networks

P & L Networks engages in the environmental product and facility as well of the national strategy. This is based on leading technology including eco heat power generation, eco-alternative fuel, and high-efficiency eco oil product. Its locations are in South Korea and Suwon.

S & Friends Co., Ltd.

This is a commission agent that works for foreign suppliers, and it is specialized in medical products. Since S & Friends Co., Ltd. is a very important importer of medical devices and laboratory equipment, it is also extremely interested in top-notched products.

Dr. Dream Inc.

Another excellent trading company in South Korea that we would like to include on our list is Dr. Dream Inc. This company develops and distributes at the same time beauty care products based on plastic surgery in order to offer a similar beauty to the one that is obtained with medical operations. Dr. Dream Inc. provides anti-wrinkle & whitening care creams, 5NO Additives, including 100% galactomyces fermented filtrate. Due to the fact that all the products are high-quality they are requested by hospitals all over the world. The professionalism of the staff that works at Dr. Dream Inc. is without a doubt one of the reasons why this company is considered one of the best ones in South Korea.




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